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Search Google or type a URL” are words that you commonly see at the top of a web browser’s address bar, also known as the Omnibox. When you open a fresh tab and you can see two suggestions in the search box Search Google or type a URL.

It is inviting the user to either enter a search query to be performed on Google or to type the URL of the address of a specific website that they want to visit.

What does mean to search google or type a URL?

It means the browser asked users’ preferences, users can take services according to their preferences. For example, When you type a search query into the address bar and press enter, the web browser will typically open a new tab and send the search query to Google’s servers.

Search Google or type a URL

Which will then return a list of results that are relevant to your query. Alternatively, if you type in a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), which is the address of a specific website .so google provides a specific result.

Which is the best ‘Search Google or Type a URL?

It is a most common and complicated question, It’s difficult to say or decide which is the “best” method for accessing a  website, according to my point of view it depends on the user’s preference. but Here are some factors to consider when deciding between searching Google or typing a URL, such as,

Privacy: If you prefer a URL this will limit the amount of data that search engines like Google collect about your online activity.

Accuracy: If you have a specific website in mind and you know the URL, typing it directly into your address bar will take you directly to that site, rather than relying on the accuracy of Google’s search results.

Faster: If you know the URL of the website you want to access, typing it directly into the address bar may be faster and easier than searching for it using a search engine.

Ultimately, the best method for accessing a specific website will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Difference between Search Google or Type a URL.

Search  Google allows you to enter a search query and find websites and other information that is relevant to your query. 

your query and Typing a URL, or uniform resource locator, into your web browser’s address bar allows you to access a specific website or web page directly and it typically begins with “HTTP://” or “HTTPS://”.

Pros and cons of searching Google Type a URL.

Pros of searching Google:

You can collect information on a wide range of topics.

It helps to discover new websites and resources that you may not have known about.

Cons of searching Google:

Some users are unable to get trustworthy or reliable. results.

It takes time to find the result.

Pros of typing a URL:

Allows you to access a specific website or web page directly.

Can be a faster way to access a website if you already know the URL.

Cons of typing a URL:

Requires you to know the exact web address of the site you want to visit.

Does not allow you to discover new websites or resources.

In some cases, searching Google may be the best option for finding the information you need, while in other cases, typing a URL may be more efficient.



A URL, or uniform resource locator, is a string of characters that identifies a specific web page or resource on the internet. It consists of several parts such as protocol, domain name, and path.

URLs are typically entered into the address bar of a web browser to access a specific web page or resource on the internet.

How many types of searches are there?

There are several types of searches that you can do on Google such as,

Web search, image searching, video search, News search, Maps search, Shopping search, and Book reader search.


Search Google or type a URL are the words that you see in the search box before searching any query.

It means the browser gives users two sessions to search result user can use according to their current situation. It depends on the user’s preference.

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