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How to Block Someone on LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Guide

LinkedIn is a social media site created specifically for connecting and networking with other professionals so they can develop their professions. However, LinkedIn is not immune to unwanted attention and unfavorable interactions, just like any other social networking platform. In these circumstances, it could be necessary to block someone in order to stop them from contacting you on LinkedIn. This article will cover various connected topics, including how to block someone on Linkedin.

Why Should You Block Someone on LinkedIn?

Although it should only be used as a last resort, there are several circumstances in which block someone on Linkedin may be required. You might want to ban someone on LinkedIn for the following reasons:

  • Harassment: To stop additional harassment, you might want to block someone on Linkedin if they keep sending you improper or unpleasant messages, comments, or invitations.
  • Spamming: You might wish to ban someone if they keep flooding your inbox with pointless messages or try to sell you something you don’t want.
  • phony profiles: To prevent fraud or identity theft, you might want to ban anyone who is using a phoney profile or pretending to be someone they are not.
  • Negative interactions: You might want to block someone on linkedin if they are bothering you in public or putting offensive or unprofessional comments on your postings in order to stop more negative interactions.

What Happens When You Block Someone on LinkedIn?

  • Profile: The blocked person will not be able to access your LinkedIn profile or see any updates, posts, or activity from your account.
  • Messaging: The blocked person will not be able to send you any messages or invitations.
  • Network: The blocked person will be removed from your connections, and you will be removed from their connections.
  • Recommendations: The blocked person’s recommendations and endorsements of you will be removed from your profile.
  • Groups: If you are both members of the same group, the blocked person will not be able to see your activity or interact with you in the group.
  • Search: The blocked person’s profile will not show up in your search results, and your profile will not show up in their search results.

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn?

They won’t be informed that they have been block someone on Linkedin when you do so. Following are some effects of block someone on LinkedIn:

  1. Go to the profile of the person you want to block.
  2. Click the three dots (More…) located next to the “Connect” button on their profile.
  3. Select “Report/Block” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select “Block” from the options and click “Continue.”
  5. LinkedIn will ask you to confirm that you want to block the person. Click “Block” again to confirm.

You can unblock someone you’ve blocked on LinkedIn at any moment by visiting “Settings & Privacy” and choosing “Blocking and hiding” from the left sidebar. To unblock someone you’ve blocked, go to that page and select “Unblock” next to their name.

We will then talk about whether or not the person who is blocked can actually realize that they are blocked.

Can the Blocked Person Know That They Are Blocked?

how to block someone on LinkedIn No, the person who has been blocked on LinkedIn won’t receive a notification. When you block someone, they won’t get a message, email, or other notification that they’ve been blocked. On the other hand, they might observe that they can no longer access your profile, send you any messages or invitations,


Q: Can a blocked person still see my profile on LinkedIn?

A: No, when you block someone on LinkedIn, they will no longer be able to view your profile or contact you in any way.

Q: What happens if I accidentally block someone on LinkedIn?

A: If you accidentally block someone on LinkedIn, you can unblock them by following the steps outlined in this article.

Q: Can I block a company page on LinkedIn?

A: No, you cannot block a company page on LinkedIn. However, you can unfollow or hide updates from a company page if you do not wish to see their content.

Q: Will LinkedIn notify the person I blocked?

A: No, LinkedIn will not notify the person that you have blocked them.

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