Quick Steps to Fix VirtWiFi Has No Internet Access

If you are facing the VirtWiFi Has No Internet Access, then you are at the right place, I have some quick methods to fix this error

Here are:

  • Check The Drivers
  • Windows Internet Troubleshooter
  • CMD To Flush DNS
  • Reset Network Settings

Millions of people all over the world face this type of problem during running android apps on windows. The window subsystem is a wonderful way but still in beta. So you also experience this error VirtWiFi Has No Internet Access during the use of this app.

I am here to write an article on how can we get rid of this error virtwifi has no internet.

Get started now without wasting time.

Tips to fix Virtwifi has no internet access

Update Drivers

Your network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) adaptor drivers can cause connectivity issues.

Connect the internet using (either an Ethernet) or any other alternative and follow these steps to check and update the drivers.

  1. Press the Window key + R it will show the Run box then

2. Type in box devmgmt. MSC and press enter.

3. in the next screen double click on the network adopter and click on the wireless adaptor or ethernet adaptor depending on what you need to fix.

Then click on update driver

4. search window searches for automatically update drivers and the window will update it automatically.

User window internet troubleshooter.

If your issue with virtwifi is not resolving with the Drivers updating, then you can try another method of window troubleshooting.

To fix the issue follow these features

  • Right-click on a network from the taskbar
  • Then click on troubleshooting problems.
  • Now the window starts to find out the issue. If the troubleshooter fined it then it will fix it automatically.

CMD to Flush DNS

You can use the command prompt or CMD too to resolve this issue.

Via command prompt
  • Press the window button + R
  • Type CMD in Box and enter
  • Type iconfig/flush DNS and then hit enter
  • This command will reset the DNS automatically.

Unfortunately, if the above-mentioned command failed then you can try another method

Follow these

  1. netsh Winsock reset
  2. netsh int IP reset

If your router shows any issues try to get a new IP Address and delete the old IP

For new IP and releasing old one command type in CMD and press Enter

  • IP Config/release
  • IP Config/renew

Reset the network setting.

The last and least option is resetting the network setting. To do this follow these steps

  • Click the Start Button
  • Click setting
  • Click Network and internet
  • Find and click Network Resetting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to solve VirtWiFi has no internet access issue?

 To resolve this issue follow these steps

  • Check the drivers
  • Window internet troubleshooter
  • Use CMD to Flush DNS
  • Reset the Network Setting

 Why is my Wi-Fi connected but no internet access?

 Misconfigured settings, driver or Wi-Fi adapter, DNS issues, or an IP address problem.

 The best way to update outdated Drivers, use Advance Driver according to the device.

Why does it say I have no internet access?

To resolve this issue follow these steps:

  • Restart your internet router
  • Restart your equipment also unplug the cable for 60 seconds and plug it back again.


We discussed 4 methods along with steps with which you can easily overcome this issue.

In the last, we already mentioned the most major chances are internet connection problem. Check the internet connection properly as well as the router and connection provider service also. Adjust the router at those places where spread the signal properly in your device.

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