Simplifying Management with SSM Smart Square Login

Are you overcome by the arrival of paperwork and manual procedures needed to maintain a healthcare facility? Do you feel there’s no way to achieve all the administrative jobs correctly? Introducing SSM Smart Square Login, the ultimate healthcare management solution! This tool lets you easily update your administrative progressions and ensure everything is done competently and precisely.

This blog will provide an overview of SSM Smart Square’s features and how it can help you manage your healthcare facility better!

What is SSM Smart Square Management?

Smart Square Management (SSM) is used in labor-management systems designed specifically for the healthcare industry. It helps to regulate and automate the labor management system. It makes the management more accessible for health sectors to manage their labor.

It also ensures the maximum efficiency of management. It provides a solution that helps to keep the record of costs of labor and allocation. It manages human resources and tracks employee performance. It helps reduce the administration burden, which is due to labor management.

Completely automated features, such as smart square scheduling SSM, staffing, planning, deployment, and reports of the entire process, make this software ideal for healthcare professionals.

Smart square creates objective and equitable schedules by incorporating industry rules that ensure resources are allocated fairly and by patients’ needs.

How Does It Help Healthcare System?

This tool delivers a complete set of tools and sorts that make it easy for healthcare systems to succeed in their labor force. It helps the system create an efficient staff plan and agenda, track labor presentation, and examine and account for the results.

This tool helps the system quickly and accurately identify and address labor-related problems. This helps them improve system efficiency and reduce costs.

It provides various features and tools that help healthcare system retain their staff, including onboarding and off-boarding procedure.

The surveys of staff and feedback also are helpful for the management. It tracks kind of information.

How to SSM smart square login on the Portal?

Here we will guide how we can log in to this tool

  1. Go to the SSM Health Smart Square Management official website link.
SSM Smart Square

2. Click on my chart on the menu bar.

SSM Chart

3. In the next stage, two options appear login for the already registered person and a second sign-up option for new user. Here we will choose the option which we need.


4. In case of forgetting the password, you must click on the forget password option, Type your login ID, and click send button.

Your password will be sent to the given Email Address.

Smart Square SSM Login Requirements

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Laptop, PC, or Smartphone
  • Login Web Address
  • Login Id and Password

How Does Avantas Work with Smart Square Management?

Avantas is a leading developer of hospitality and healthcare workflow systems that enable the healthcare industry to run more efficiently.

Workforce management products include health planning, medical operations consulting, predictive health analytics, and accelerated recovery technologies.

As mentioned, Avantas has developed the Smart Square software solution, a powerful tool that provides a complete work management solution.

How to access SSM Smart Square on a Smartphone

What if you don’t have your PC and must log in to your portal? Yes, it is stressful. But don’t worry you can manage your things on your smartphones.

Here you can find how to use it on your smartphone:

For iPhone user

  • Just open SMART SQUARE App on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll and click on add to home screen button.
  • Add to next screen
  • Now you can SSM smart square login on the portal.

Android User:

  • Go to your chrome browser and search SMART SQUARE.
  • Open the website.
  • In the chrome browser, you can add quickly to the bookmark in the right corner three dots.
  • In the drop-down menu, add to the option.
  • Then add the shot to it.
  • Now Click the Home screen, and you are done.

Benefits of SSM Smart Square?

It offers numerous benefits to healthcare organizations, including:

Streamlined Labor Management

This tool helps streamline and automate labor management processes, making it easier for healthcare organizations to manage their labor and ensure maximum efficiency.

The application offers a comprehensive suite of features, including automated scheduling, shift swapping, time clock tracking, employee reviews, performance management, and more.

It helps healthcare organizations streamline their labor management processes, allowing them to manage labor costs better and improve efficiency.

Improved Workforce Planning and Scheduling

SSM Smart Square’s advanced scheduling capabilities allow healthcare organizations to quickly and accurately create schedules that meet the needs of their staff and patients. It also helps ensure compliance with labor regulations and collective bargaining agreements.

Improved Efficiency

This tool helps improve efficiency by automating labor management processes and reducing administrative burdens. It also helps healthcare organizations manage labor costs, optimize allocation, and track employee performance.

SSM Smart Square’s advanced system solutions help healthcare organizations improve efficiency by reducing manual processes and eliminating errors. The application also allows organizations save time and money by automating time-consuming tasks such as scheduling, time clock tracking, and labor compliance.

Enhanced Productivity

It helps healthcare organizations manage their labor costs better and optimize labor allocation, leading to enhanced productivity.

Automating labor management processes and reducing administrative burdens, it helps healthcare organizations to manage their labor costs better and optimize labor allocation, resulting in improved productivity.

Reduced Costs

This tool helps reduce labor costs by automating labor management processes and reducing administrative burdens. It also helps healthcare organizations manage their labor costs better and optimize labor allocation, reducing costs.

It enables healthcare organizations to better manage labor costs by giving them real-time visibility into labor expenses. The application also helps reduce overtime costs by providing accurate data that can be used to create more effective staffing plans.

Increased Staff Engagement and Retention

This enhances staff engagement by providing employees a platform to share their ideas, preferences, and feedback. The application also helps healthcare organizations identify and retain top talent by offering employee reviews and performance management features.

Frequent-Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I activate my SSM account?

1. Download the SSM app to your mobile device.

2. Tap “Create Account” to get started.

3. Enter your personal and business information and answer the identity verification questions.

4. Input your phone number or email address to receive a link to install the app.

5. Tap the link to download the app to your device.

6. Congratulations! You’re now activated and now you can SSM smart square login.

How do I enter an SSM Smart Square Management device code?

1. Open your Dashboard and navigate to Account & Settings > Business information > Devices.

2. Click ‘Create a Device’ and enter a descriptive Nickname before selecting ‘Create’ to generate your device code.

3. Select how you would like to receive the code: via email or phone number.

4. Open the Square app on your device and select ‘Sign In’.

5. Tap ‘Use a Device Code’ and enter your received code.

6. Check that the device status in your dashboard is ‘Active’.

Final Thought

SSM Smart Square Management is a great solution for healthcare management. It’s simple to use, helps save time, and can improve the efficiency of your healthcare organization.

Its powerful suite of tools, advanced reporting capabilities, and intuitive user experience provides everything you need to streamline your processes, increase patient satisfaction, and stay ahead of the curve. From streamlining patient information to simplifying billing, it offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools to help you better manage your healthcare organization.

So don’t wait; try it today and see how it can help you take your healthcare management to the next level. Xtra Tech also provides you with some latest information on modern-era tech gadgets.

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